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Investment Advisory.

SABA Aviation provides only specialised, focussed support. As needed, specific interventions to support management decision making and implementation. Each of our three disciplines combines knowledge, understanding, skills, and tools from the business activities involved: Aviation, Finance, Asset Management, Project Management.

Aviation - Airlines challenges

SABA Aviation provides focussed and specific, objective, independent advice to aviation clients, including airlines, airports, financial institutions, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and government ministries. We provide our aviation clients support to acquire, manage and dispose of assets, to improve operating performance, to mitigate risk, and maximize return on investment.

  • Demand Assessment and Product Revision and Pricing
  • Fleet and Network Planning including Alliances
  • Distribution Systems
  • Investment Financing and Financial Structuring
  • Regulatory Issues and Policy Development
  • Airport Masterplanning
  • Air Services Marketing

Airport Real Estate - Investment, Planning, Leasing, Disinvestment

SABA Aviation - Applies Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment applied to the very specific air transportation industry. Increasing and realising returns on Airport and Airport Related Real Estate. 

Feasibility, Financing, Leasing, Ownership Change

  • Masterplanning

  • Airport Terminal Buildings

  • RfP and Tender Process Management and Support

  • Logistics Parks

  • Air Cargo FacilitiesRetail ServicesOffices

  • Capital Requirements, Funding Sourcing

SABA Logistics - Specialises in optimising the overall efficiency, security and costs of the logistics chain: SABA is allied with the global leader in Logistics Chain planning and improvement consulting: SABA's principals have successfully partnered with Districon of the Netherlands. ( in engagements at AMS, DOH, LHR, MAD, PEK and others including the airports of Lombardy, Northern Italy. The Districon - SABA alliance offers: 

  • Supply chain management
  • Cargo logistics
  • Logistics facilities planning and specification (including air cargo     terminals) 
  • Traffic measurement and planning
    information technology
  • Air cargo secuirty systems and
  • Handling and storage equipment specification,

Logistics Planning, Implementation

SABA Aviation Group

Professional Support.

 Registered as SABA Madrid.SL 

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